BROWNING COMMUNITIES GOES LIVE... (Just in time for our first event!)

The Browning Communities website (, designed by volunteer Amy Paxman, went live on August 28th 2009 as Liz Browning introduced her 7 month old volunteer powered group and its mission to the community at her Capitol Hill home. More than 70 interested and enthusiastic supporters gathered in her garden for refreshments to hear several speakers talk about their personal experiences in battling for necessary care for their mentally ill loved ones.

Through the leadership of Liz Browning - who had the courage to share her son's story-attendees from all walks of life and all members of the 'mental illness' community came together at Liz's home and Browning Communities was officially launched.

The event revealed great passion and enthusiasm and the word is spreading as news of our mission grows and more families find fewer and fewer options for their mentally ill loved ones.

It is my sincere hope and belief that we (as a nation and perhaps the world) are on the cusp of significant change regarding long-held beliefs and attitudes that have influenced the treatment of those who suffer from mental illness. On many fronts, there are examples in the media of those who call for the care and compassion that is due-but too often lacking-for this overlooked and much misunderstood segment of our society. One example is a recent opinion in the Seattle Times, October 28th, 2009 by Mike Johnson-Director of the Men’s Shelter at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission: “Washington’s mental health policies are killing people.”

Although Liz Browning works tirelessly to accomplish this mission, she cannot do it alone. Please join us as we increase housing alternatives for our mentally ill and help us change the way the world treats our most vulnerable citizens...

Best wishes and hopes for the future,
Suzie Graves, founding member of Browning Communities

This following is a transcript from Liz Browning’s introduction of Browning Communities.

"Thank you all for coming. Today I want to introduce you to Browning Communities. For the past year, we have been 4 working members; each a parent of a mentally ill son under the age of 30. Our website went live today thanks to Suzie, who was assigned that task and, because she had no clue how to do this, she found someone who did. Terry developed and maintains our- exploding database, Patricia guides us in pr, messaging and strategy and I am –at this very moment- trying to overcome my terror of speaking in public.

"It took 1 year to develop our mission statement. Please listen carefully as I read it to you because if you support our mission we need your help. This is how it reads: Our mission is to provide structured, comprehensive and therapeutic living facilities in order to end the crisis of neglect, violence, abuse and homelessness for ALL chronically mentally ill.

"We plan to reform the way the mentally ill are cared for in the United States: regardless of ability to pay or level of illness. You may not believe this is possible. But WE DO. It HAS to be possible. We are determined that our children, our mothers, our brothers and sisters will not become that lifeless form in the street, those scary ones we avoid, the ones tortured by the voices in their heads, ----- the voices my son, once told me, “you don’t EVER want to hear....”

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